Eternal Bliss

Eternal Bliss

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This Product Contains

  • 10 Pink Roses
  • 5 Red Roses
  • 10 White Carnations
  • ₹ 1,599

  • Ex Tax: ₹ 1,599

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This concoction of Pink-Red Roses and carnations in a basket is true to its name, total eternal bliss. Its onlookers will be devoid of all worldly feelings and fall in love with its beauty at that very moment. A perfect present to impress someone you really adore. You flower basket comprises of love and cares that you want to express to your loved ones in the form of flowers. This can prove to be the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend.

This Product Contains 1 10 Pink Roses
This Product Contains 2 5 Red Roses
This Product Contains 3 10 White Carnations

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