Story Behind Karwa Chauth.

Story Behind Karwa Chauth.


Karwa Chauth holds an important place in Hindu traditions. It is celebrated 9 days before Diwali. All the wives wait for this festival enthusiastically. The festival is majorly celebrated by married ladies in North India. 

Married ladies fast on this day for long life of their husbands and eat and drink after praying to the moon. Ladies remain hungry the whole day. At some places drinking water is also not allowed. A lady has the power to make all the sacrifices. 

They fast for the longevity of their husbands. All the ladies dress up beautifully, offer prayers and on the moon rise break their fast. 

Indian women can cross any limits and boundaries for their family. They deserve much more respect than given in the society. Some men also fast with their wives to express their love and respect. 

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There are different stories related to KARWA CHAUTH.

Story of Queen Veeravati

Queen Veeravati had seven brothers. She was one sister among all the brothers. . Her brothers loved her very much. She observed the waterless fast on KARWA CHAUTH for her husband and was waiting for the moonrise. Her brothers couldn’t see her hungry and made a plan. They created a mirror in the pipal tree and made it look like the moon had risen so she could end her fast. She believed and took the first morsel of food, and as she did, she sneezed. In the second, she found hair, and in the third, the news came that her husband was dead. She cried the whole night until the shakti compelled Goddess to ask why she was crying. Then, Goddess appeared, and Veeravati explained her distress, and then Goddess revealed her brothers had tricked her so she could end her fast. She was instructed to keep the Karwa Chauth fast again with full devotion and respect. Seeing her devotion, Yamraj had to give back her husband’s life. This story shows the true feeling of love, respect an honour.

The Karwa Story

There was a woman name Karwa. She was deeply devoted and dedicated to her husband. She was blessed with some powers. One day while bathing in the river, her husband was caught by a crocodile. To save her husband, Karwa tied the crocodile with cotton yarn and asked Yama to send him to hell. When Yama refused, Karwa threatened to destroy him and fought with Yama.  Yama, was scared of the curse and agreed to send the crocodile to hell and blessed his husband with a long life. After that, Karwa and her husband spent their married life happily and peacefully. To this day, Karwa Chauth is celebrated with honesty and respect. 

Karwa Chauth festival is all about love, faith and devotion. It is a festival to expres your warmth and care. It is the festival to say “YOU CARE”. 

All the husbands, get ready and don’t give your lovely wives a chance to say “TU TO MERI CARE NI KARDA”…………………..

DESERT STREET MEERUT wishes and respects every lady. HAPPY KARWA CHAUTH.  Give us a chance to load you with surprises. 

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